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Updated: 2022-05-16

Assessing the Potential Impact of Labor Law Reforms on University Faculty: Findings from a Midsized Public University in Ontario

Document type Article
Author Webber, Michelle
Author Butovsky, Jonah
Author Savage, Larry
Journal Labor Studies Journal
Volume 41
Date 2016 June
ISSN 0160-449X, 1538-9758
Pages 204-219


This article presents the findings of a survey of unionized professors and professional librarians at a public university in Southern Ontario to examine their views on the prospect and desirability of “right-to-work” legislation and “paycheck protection” laws. The purpose of the study is twofold: first, to assess the level of opposition to such legislative initiatives among unionized faculty, and, second, to determine the extent to which the passage of such laws would undermine the dues base of the faculty union. Based on the findings of a mixed methods survey, we found that a strong majority of the university professors and professional librarians surveyed were opposed to “right-to-work” and “paycheck protection” laws and that their passage would not deter them from paying dues or authorizing expenditures for political action.