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Canadian Labour History Bibliography, 1976-2009

Document type Web page
Author Lonardo, Michael
Date 1976-2009


Since the publication of [Douglas] Vaisey's work, the annual bibliography (carried on by Vaisey and Marcel Leduc until 1984 and then assumed by me and Robert Sweeny) published in Labour/Le Travail continued to serve as a current awareness tool. Then, several years ago a cumulative version of the English-language entries in the annual bibliographies, including subject descriptors and a sophisticated search engine, was mounted on the Queen Elizabeth II Library web site. During a sabbatical year in 2002/2003 entries for the period 1976-1984 were also added to the database. The result was a searchable bibliography of citations to works published after 1975 that served both as an update to Vaisey's work and a current bibliography of recently published material. In 2010, I decided to cease the task of adding newly-published titles to the bibliography. As a result, titles are only included if they were published between 1976 and 2009. --Author's Introduction