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Updated: 2021-01-05

Building a Self-Directed Process for the Development of Internationally Trained Professional Profiles in Canada

Document type Article
Author Robichaud, Yves
Author Haq, Rana
Author Albert, Sylvie
Author Takouda, Pawoumodom M.
Journal Journal of International Migration and Integration
Volume 14
Date 2013 11 01
ISSN 1488-3473, 1874-6365
Pages 671-688


More and more internationally trained professionals (ITP) coming to Canada face challenges in getting credentials recognized by regulatory bodies and employers (Forum of Labour Market Ministers 2009; Ontario Office of the Fairness Commissioner 2011b). This leads to a high level of brain waste that recently has been estimated to cost Canada up to $3.4 billion per year (Evans, CGA Magazine 45(4): 26, 2011). This paper looks at some of the challenges regarding prior learning assessments and portfolio-building processes toward credential evaluation, and explains some of the reasons why the current system and tools are not meeting the needs of ITPs. In particular, postsecondary institutions and regulatory bodies’ processes toward preparing individuals for evaluation are compared, leading to a number of conclusions on commonality and future directions. The authors conclude with the proposal of a new generic online and modular professional profile model to better prepare ITPs for credential assessment. Such a model would be particularly useful for credentialing bodies with fewer resources available. It would also provide a common set of information to front-line agencies that support ITPs.