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Union Renewal and Organizational Change: A Review of the Literature

Document type Book chapter
Series Editor Schenk, Christopher Robert
Editor Schenk, Christopher Robert
Author Schenk, Christopher Robert
Series Editor Kumar, Pradeep
Editor Kumar, Pradeep
Author Kumar, Pradeep
Book Paths to Union Renewal: Canadian Experiences
Publisher Broadview Press; Peterborough, Ont.
Date 2006
ISBN 1559130587
Pages 29-60


An extensive review of recent academic and union literature, highlighting the varying experience and approaches to union renewal in differing institutional and environmental context and its general lessons for Canada. [The authors] discuss the meaning and concepts of union renewal, its rational and major thesis, key renewal strategies, comparative experience, obstacles to change and facilitating factors and the challenges of union renewal in the Canadian setting. --Editors' introduction