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Union Education, Union Leadership and Union Renewal: The Role of PEL

Document type Book chapter
Author Weststar, Johanna
Series Editor Schenk, Christopher Robert
Editor Schenk, Christopher Robert
Series Editor Kumar, Pradeep
Editor Kumar, Pradeep
Book Paths to Union Renewal: Canadian Experiences
Publisher Broadview Press; Peterborough, Ont.
Date 2006
ISBN 1559130587
Pages 307-322


[E]xamines the Paid Education leave (PEL) program, a negotiated employer-funded worker education program administered by the Canadian Auto Workers. The primary purpose of the study is to evaluate the ability of the PEL to develop membership knowledge, activism and leadership to facilitate union renewal. [The author's] paper, based on survey research and interviews, maintains that the PEL program does contribute to leadership development and to the union renewal process by serving to alter the perceptions and attitudes of its participants. --Editors' introduction