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Updated: 2022-05-16

Beyond Bylines: Media Workers and Women's Rights in Canada

Document type Book
Author Freeman, Barbara M.
Publisher Wilfrid Laurier University Press; Waterloo, Ont.
Date 2011
ISBN 9781554582, 1554582695
Pages xi, 328 pages: illustrations


[E]xplores the ways in which several of Canada’s women journalists, broadcasters, and other media workers reached well beyond the glory of their personal bylines to advocate for the most controversial women’s rights of their eras. To do so, some of them adopted conventional feminine identities, while others refused to conform altogether, openly and defiantly challenging the gender expectations of their day. The book consists of a series of case studies of the women in question as they grappled with the concerns close to their hearts: higher education for women, healthy dress reforms, the vote, equal opportunities at work, abortion, lesbianism, and Aboriginal women’s rights. Their media reflected their respective eras: intellectual magazines, daily and weekly newspapers, radio, feminist public relations, alternative women’s periodicals, and documentary film made for television. --Publisher's description


Includes bibliographical references (p. 295- 320) and index.