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Updated: 2021-01-05

"Rapprocher les lieux du pouvoir": The Québec Labour Movement and Québec Sovereigntism, 1960-2000

Document type Article
Author Güntzel, Ralph P.
Journal Labour / Le Travail
Volume 46
Date 2000 Fall
ISSN 0700-3862
Pages 369-395


The ARTICLE EXAMINES the evolution of the positions Québec's three major trade union centrals -- the Federation des travailleurs et travilleuses du Québec (FTQ), the Centrale des syndicats nationaux (CSN), and the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) -- have taken on the question of Québec sovereignty since 1960. In the course of the four decades since the emergence of the modem sovereigntist movement, the three centrals adopted increasingly sympathetic attitudes toward sovereigntism and eventually became stalwarts of me sovereigntist coalition. In the process Québec labour activists shed their fears about the économic repercussions of sovereignty and espoused the notion of a sovereign Québec nation-state mainly because they came to perceive it as a tool to improve conditions for implementing social-democratic and labour-oriented policies. (English)