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Updated: 2022-05-16

Push! The Struggle for Midwifery in Ontario

Document type Book
Author Bourgeault, Ivy Lynn
Publisher McGill-Queen's University Press; Montreal & Kingston
Date 2006
ISBN 0773529772, 0773530258, 9780773529, 9780773530
Pages xxiii, 346 pages, illustrations


In the 1980s there were few midwives in Canada and their practice was neither legal nor officially recognized. Ontario midwives and their supporters pushed to integrate midwifery into provincial health care systems and by 1993 had established an internationally renowned model. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault analyses the struggle to professionalize midwifery in the context of the negotiations between women, as both consumers and providers of health care, and the state. Push! offers a historical account of the forces behind the integration of midwifery in Ontario, including public interest in funding midwifery services and the impact of political lobbying. Bourgeault also explores the specific features of Ontario's respected model, including the use of independent practitioners, funding for a self-regulatory college, a university-based education program, and the provision of midwifery care in both home and hospital settings. --Publisher's description


Includes bibliographical references (pp. 305-323) and index.