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Precarious Employment and People with Disabilities

Document type Book chapter
Series Editor Vosko, Leah F.
Editor Vosko, Leah F.
Author Scott, Heather
Author Bhattacharyya, Sudipa
Author Trevithick, Scott
Author Tompa, Emile
Book Precarious Employment: Understanding Labour Market Insecurity in Canada
Publisher McGill-Queen's University Press; Montreal
Date 2006
ISBN 0773529616, 0773529624
Pages 90-114


The authors explore the contemporary employment-related experiences of people with disabilities with reference to the rise of precarious employment since the mid-1970s. ...[The] chapter offers an analysis of labour market trends; it consideres how the movement in and out of employment among people with disabilities relates to their experience of precariousness. The authors pay considerable attention to remedial legislation, such as federal and provincial pay and employment equity legislation, designed to facilitate access to employment and how, and in what ways, it influences (or fails to influence) conditions of work. --From editor's introductory chapter (p. 35).