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Organizing Migrant and Immigrant Workers in Canada

Document type Book chapter
Author Thomas, Mark P. (Mark Preston)
Series Editor Savage, Larry
Editor Savage, Larry
Series Editor Ross, Stephanie
Editor Ross, Stephanie
Author Choudry, Aziz
Book Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada
Publisher Fernwood; Halifax, N.S.
Date 2012
ISBN 9781552664, 1552664783
Pages 171-183


[E]xplores the dynamics of labour organizing amongst migrant workers in Canada, focusing on two case studies. First, [the authors] examine recent efforts to unionize migrant farmworkers in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. ...[The authors] then turn to the case of the Immigrant Workers Centre in Montreal, Québec. ...[Concludes] by assessing the limits and possibilities of [various] strategies, particularly in terms of the implications for labour organizing amongst the growning number of temporary foreign workers in Canada