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Updated: 2022-05-16

Organizing Call Centres: The Steelworkers' Experience

Document type Book chapter
Author Guard, Julie
Series Editor Schenk, Christopher Robert
Editor Schenk, Christopher Robert
Author Martin, D'Arcy
Author Steedman, Mercedes
Series Editor Kumar, Pradeep
Editor Kumar, Pradeep
Author Garcia-Orgales, Jorge
Book Paths to Union Renewal: Canadian Experiences
Publisher Broadview Press; Peterborough, Ont.
Date 2006
ISBN 1559130587
Pages 277-292


Case study of efforts [by the United Steelworkers] to organize Omega Direct Response, a call centre in Sudbury, Ontario. The study shows that, by working together, rank-and-file workers as inside organizers and experienced professional organizers can develop winning strategies that can enable unions to organize hard to organize workplaces. The paper also includes perspectives from a conference on organizing call centres held in Toronto in September 2003. --Editors' introduction