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Updated: 2021-01-05

Nuancing Neoliberalism: Lessons Learned from a Failed Immigration Experiment

Document type Article
Author Dobrowolsky, Alexandra
Journal Journal of International Migration and Integration
Volume 14
Date 2013 05 01
ISSN 1488-3473, 1874-6365
Pages 197-218


This paper contributes to current debates around neoliberalism and subnational developments in Canadian immigration policy. In response to critiques of neoliberalism’s “promiscuity,” scalar and governmentality frameworks are used to analyze Nova Scotia’s failed economic nominee category experiment. The competing choices, calculations, and commitments at stake at “meso”- and “micro”-scales reveal a more complex and compelling reality that underscores the contributions and challenges of a range of political actors. This, in turn, suggests possible disruptions to neoliberalization and seeks to strike a better balance between structure and agency, as well as economic and social immigration priorities.