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Industrial Relations in Canada

Document type Book
Author McQuarrie, Fiona A. E
Publisher J. Wiley and Sons Canada; Mississauga, Ont.
Date 2007
ISBN 0470838396 9780470838396
Pages 649


McQuarrie: Industrial Relations in Canada is a student-friendly, comprehensive introduction to the theories, issues, and processes that characterize contemporary Canadian industrial relations. Dr. Fiona McQuarrie uses her extensive experience in both a union and a management capacity to create a balanced book that explores all sides of the complex and sometimes controversial issues of industrial relations. Industrial Relations in Canada is the first book to blend the practice, process, and theory of industrial relations in a manner which is suitable to business students. Assuming no prior exposure to the discipline, the book instructs students on the true nature of the industrial relations process and teaches them how an understanding of this process will help them become better managers. --Publisher's description