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Updated: 2022-05-16

Industrial Relations in Canada

Document type Book
Author McQuarrie, Fiona
Publisher Wiley; Etobicoke, Ont.
Date 2011
ISBN 9780470678879, 0470678879
Pages xxii, 645 p.


{This textbook] received wide praise for helping students to understand the complex and sometimes controversial field of Industrial Relations, by using just the right blend of practice, process and theory.  The text engages business students with diverse backgrounds and teaches them how an understanding of this field will help them become better managers.The third edition retains this student friendly, easy-to-read approach, praised by both students and instructors across the country. The goal of the third edition was to enhance and refine this approach while updating the latest research findings and developments in the field. --Publisher's description


Contents: An introduction to industrial relations in Canada : the employer-union relationship -- Theories of industrial relations : where Canada's unions are today -- History of the Canadian union movement : a meeting place to remember workers -- The structure of Canadian unions : Labour Council addresses larger issues -- The organizing campaign : union local finds strength in numbers -- Establishing union recognition : certification applications keep BC Labour Relations Board busy -- Defining and commencing collective bargaining : a mutually beneficial approach -- The collective bargaining process : Ontario colleges avoid instructors' strike -- Strikes and lockouts : engineers strike at CN -- Third-party intervention during negotiations : helping parties find their own solutions -- The grievance arbitration process : standing up for workers' rights -- Changes to the union or the employer : Handydart employer changes routes -- Future issues for workers, work arrangements, organizations, and the industrial relations system : providing the youth perspective.