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Updated: 2019-04-26

Has There Been a She-covery? The Financial Crisis of 2008 and Its Impact on the Ontario Labour Market

Document type Article
Author Lewchuk, Wayne
Journal Relations Industrielles / Industrial Relations
Volume 68
Date 2013 Winter
ISSN 0034-379X
Pages 25-45


This paper explores changes in labour market outcomes between June 2005 and November 2010. It asks if the recovery in labour markets following the 2008 financial crisis favoured men or women. The analysis is based on a unique longitudinal database of individuals in the Toronto-Hamilton labour market. Men were the most likely to have paid employment in the post-financial crisis period, but only at the cost of a significant deterioration in its terms and conditions. The findings suggest that many middle-aged workers were not protected by job seniority or implicit lifetime employment relationships. The findings point to a further decline in the prevalence of the standard employment relationship and the male breadwinner model of employment. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]