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Updated: 2021-01-05

Alberta Labour: A Heritage Untold

Document type Book
Author Caragata, Warren
Publisher Lorimer; Toronto
Date 1979
ISBN 0-88862-264-3
Pages x, 161 pages: illustrations


History has traditionally taken the working man for granted, ignoring the fact that without his labour there would be no history. As this book shows, the history of working people in Canada is colourful, exciting and filled with many dramatic characters and events well worth discovering. Alberta Labour traces the growth of union organizations in Alberta like the Knights of Labour in the 1880s, the legendary Wobblies, the abortive One Big Union and finally the Alberta Federation of Labour, founded in 1912, which today represents and fights for the labouring men and women of the province. This history, the first of its kind, has been compiled from interviews with union members, original letters and documents, and contemporary newspapers and magazines. The text is illustrated with over 90 full-page photographs, most of them never published before, depicting labour at work in Alberta from its origins to the present day. --Publisher's description