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Updated: 2019-04-26

Garment Production in Canada: Social and Political Implications

Document type Article
Author Ng, Roxana
Journal Studies in Political Economy
Volume 79
Date 2007
ISSN Online ISSN 1918-7033; Print ISSN 0707-8552
Pages 193-211


The garment industry is often held out as the first victim of globalization and the movement of capital and jobs from North to South. But Roxana Ng’s article “Garment Production in Canada: Social and Political Implications” reveals that, contrary to expectation, the Canadian garment industry may in fact be growing, and it is taking increasingly different forms within various Canadian cities. For Ng, the contradictory and unexpected developments within the garment industry raise questions about the forms of capital accumulation and the effects of globalization. Mapping the complex links between the restructuring of the garment industry, and Canadian immigration policy and the North American Free Trade Agreement, Ng considers how the experiences of this industry may provide a grounding for researchers, educators, and policy analysts to engage in more forward-looking and proactive response to capital accumulation. --Publisher's description