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Updated: 2019-04-26

Employment Strain, Precarious Employment, and Temporary Employment Agencies

Document type Book chapter
Editor Clement, Wallace
Author DeWolff, Alice
Author King, Andy
Editor Shalla, Vivian
Author Lewchuk, Wayne
Book Work in tumultuous times Canadian perspectives
Publisher McGill-Queen's University Press; Montreal
Date 2007
ISBN 978-0-7735-7722-0 0-7735-7722-X
Pages 98-130


This interdisciplinary volume offers a powerful critique of how social structures and relations as well as ideologies shape workplaces, labour markets, and households in contemporary Canada. Contributors dissect recent transformations in work and expose the uncertainty, insecurity, and instability that increasingly characterize both paid and unpaid work. Using a progressive approach to political economy, contributors propose alternative policies and practices that might secure more decent livelihoods for workers and their families. Contributors include Hugh Armstrong (Carleton), Pat Armstrong (York), Wallace Clement (Carleton), June Corman (Brock), Gillian Creese (British Columbia), Alice de Wolff (Independent Researcher), Ann Duffy (Brock), Andy King (United Steelworkers of America), Kate Laxer (York), Belinda Leach (Guelph), Wayne Lewchuk (McMaster), David W. Livingstone (OISE), Meg Luxton (York), Norene Pupo (York), Antonie Scholtz (OISE), Vivian Shalla (Guelph), Janet Siltanen (Carleton), Leah F. Vosko (York), Rosemary Warskett (Carleton), and Charlotte Yates (McMaster).