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Updated: 2021-01-05

Correlates of Career Satisfaction in Canada—the Immigrants’ Experience

Document type Article
Author Cukier, Wendy
Author Holmes, Mark
Author Hannan, Charity-Ann
Author Yap, Margaret
Journal Journal of International Migration and Integration
Volume 15
Date 2014 02 01
ISSN 1488-3473, 1874-6365
Pages 49-71


This paper explores the correlates of career satisfaction among Canadian managers, professionals and executives, specifically the career satisfaction experience of both visible minority and non-visible minority immigrants. Survey data collected from over 13,000 managers, professionals and executives in 43 Canadian organizations were analysed using the ordinary least squares multiple regression technique. Results indicate that immigrants experience lower career satisfaction than native-borns and visible minority immigrants have lower career satisfaction than non-visible minority immigrants. Employee and employer characteristics, objective employment outcomes and subjective perceptual measures were found to be positively associated with career satisfaction for immigrant and native-born respondents.