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The International Activities Of Trade Unions: A Sociohistorical Analysis Based On The Case Of Quebec

Document type Article
Author Collombat, Thomas
Author Gagnon, Mona-Josée
Author Avignon, Pierre
Journal Studies in Political Economy
Volume 78
Date 2006
Pages 7-40


This article addresses two central questions. First, does the mobilization of Quebec trade unions against neoliberal globalization represent a break, both quantitative and qualitative, in their approach to international trade union relations? Second, what does the Quebec example tell us about the sociohistorical dynamics of international trade union relations in the Americas, and even beyond? We have attempted to investigate thoroughly how relations between trade unions have been conducted internationally before and after April 2001. For the most part, this study was undertaken at the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003, with some updates made in 2004. --From introduction